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In cosmopolitan culture most of the people in the world are highly dependent on unhealthy food and dirty water and even the air that most in cities are much polluted, which is badly affect on the health. In order to continuously fit in the daily life it is important for you to keep track on your blood pressure level, sugar level, oxygen level, and pulse rate. It is no surprise that to check the results you may often go to the doctor may be once in a month or may be twice and going to the doctor regularly may be not a good idea.

The solution is that use a pulse oximeter to avoid visit the doctor. With the help of this gadget checking your health is easy. But the question is that, is all the people eligible to operate this oximeter?

Easy to Use

Select a clean space where you can sit comfortably and select the finger for the test. The index finger is the commonly used finger.
If you are a women or girl then please remove nail paint or artificial nails, point your finger straight out and clip on the pulse oximeter to your finger.
The connection between laser window and the finger should be direct contact with fingernail for the machine for the accurate results.
While pulse oximeter reading, make sure that the finger sits on it comfortably and you feel no pain at all and then choose a different finger to put it on.
Results will appear in a while but if you see the slow signal then immediately choose another finger then see the monitor readings you’ll find the 90 to 100 percent levels are normal.

Here is some major factors that can be cause the accurate reading:

→ Advance Age
→ Irregular Heartbeat (Not normal heart beat)
→ Cold Hand or Fingers
→ So, make sure these things and place them correctly to avoid incorrect results.
→ After using Dirty or Incorrect Placements
→ So, make sure these this machine please clean if used for a long time.

NOTE: Skin color has no effects to reading as well.

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